Sunday, July 8, 2012

DAY 1 - Here we go

221.6 lbs - Oh man!

At one point not too long ago I weighed 183 lbs.  I even got down to 175 for a day.  I was on HCG - a diet that entails eating a very limited menu while either ingesting or injecting a hormone found in pregnant ladies.  In theory - and in fact in practice - this allows one to drop amazing amounts of weight in a very short time period.  In my case roughly about a pound a day.  Did it work?  You bet.  I even told family and friends about it.  Was it safe?  I don't know.  I'm not a doctor.  All I know is that today I am 221.6 lbs. and I need to do something different.

To be clear, I don't know a lot about juicing.  I am going to figure it out as I go.  Also to be clear, I am going to do "My Plan".  I have to do what works for me.  I'll adjust my schedule.  I'll adjust my food intake.  I'll exercise or I won't.  This isn't a recommendation for any of you to do what I have done.  It's therapeutic for me to write this down and if you learn something from my success or failure, more power to you!


I've been experimenting on and off with juicing since I watched "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" a while ago.  I've learned a few things.  First, I hate drinking vegetable juice.  You might think that this is the end of the blog.  We'll I am far too pig-headed to give up just because I hate something.  Second, a straw and ice cubes will be your friend.  The ice makes the juice cold and the straw makes it so you can suck it down real fast without giving yourself a "carrot orange" or "beet red" mustache.  As I've said before, I am going to figure this out as I go.  Some people would probably plan out how long they were going to do this, what they would need from the store, etc.  Me?  I'm just going to go for it!


Juicing is messy business

1 - Green Apple
1 - Very large handful of spinach
3 - Stalks of celery
3 - Large carrots
1 - 1/2 Cucumber
1 - "pinky sized" piece of ginger
1 - 1/2 lime

I added the ice to the bottom of the glass to give it the most time possible to cool down "breakfast".
After cleaning everything up, I inserted my straw and gulped it down as fast as I could.  I grimaced and shivered and my daughter asked me, "Was that bad?"  I told her, "Not as bad as yesterday."


2 - Green apple
1 - Very large handful of spinach
3 - Stalks of celery
3 - Large carrots
1 - 1/2 Beet
1 - 1/2 Lime
1 - 1/2 Cucumber

You'll notice that the juicer has moved.  I am trying to find a home for it where I can leave it set up and minimize movement, clean-up, etc.  You may also notice the red color.  That is from 1/2 a beet.  The straw is your friend.  The beet is not.

I need to mention that I drink equal parts juice and water.  After chugging down my "meal" I fill the glass (or jar) with water and drain that too.


Believe me, I use this term very loosely.  To shake a headache and a feeling on fatigue and boredom, I made an apple-carrot juice.

1 - Green apple
4 - Carrots

It is the best juices I have had.  I'd probably even drink it even if I wasn't trying to "juice fast".


By now, I am already getting tired of the same ingredients.  It's like Mexican food (you know - beans, rice, meat, tortilla, sauce.  Depending on how you put it together it can be a taco or a burrito or whatever)  Except in this case, it isn't bubbly, wonderful or tasty.  So I looked for something new:

1 - Sweet potato
1 - Green apple
3 - Celery
4 - Carrots
1 - XL Handful of Spinach
1 - 1/2 Cucumber

Ok.  I didn't venture very far.  But I bet you didn't know you could juice a sweet potato.  Anyway, it was passable.  I think what I hate is the cucumber and/or the celery.  Celery I eat.  Cucumber I don't ingest in any form.  Maybe I'll cut down on one or the other or both and see if the grimace factor goes down at all.


Still here.  Still alive.  Still don't like vegetable juice.  On a scale of one to ten, today was a 7.  The beverages were tolerable.  I visited the smallest room in my house many times.  I was a little cranky but I didn't make anyone else cry.  I had a headache but with this many kids, that is somewhat inevitable.