Saturday, July 7, 2012


As I write . . . How's that for IRL?
Juicing.  Sounds simple enough.  Take a bunch of veggies and some fruit and mash it through a juicer.  I'd seen a friend have some pretty good success with it.  It seems far healthier than some of the other garbage I've tried.  Even if it fails to help me drop weight, at the very least I am getting lots more "plant material" than I usually would.  So, why not.  Let's juice.

About a month ago, I plopped down in front of the TV and pulled up "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" a cheerful sounding documentary about how two guys with way more problems than me decided not to eat any solid food for 60 days.  I came away feeling overly inspired and ready to never eat anything again.  Five minutes later - reality set in.  I have a Real Life.  (Hence the name of the blog.)  I have a bunch of kids.  I have a job that requires me to travel a lot.  I love to eat - both socially and for the pure enjoyment of food.

So how is this going to work?  How can I - a 38 year-old, father of many, "world" traveler, lover of food deal with taking all my meals through a straw?  How long will I make it?  What will be the results?  Will I lose weight before I lose my mind?  Will I cave at the first sight of a plate of Carne Adovada with Chile Verde?  Will it be like every other diet, trick, or fad I've tried?

This blog may last a day, a week or . . .

In other words, can a person like me - namely me - Juice In Real Life?


  1. Good luck Dan. I think I could do this until someone put some nice crispy bacon in front of me...then I don't think I could juice that.
    Although burger king does have the new bacon ice cream....

  2. Ok, Mark, I was ready to join Dan until you mentioned the bacon ice cream.... Seriously, Dan, this is great. I'm starting Medifast with Deborah so we'll have to see which of us lasts longer! You know, it's much easier to drink your meals when you're driving- like on a 20 hour road trip headed south. Just sayin! :)

  3. Dan, I commend you for eating healthy real foods!!! That's so great!! I want to eat more healthy live foods too. I didn't loose any weight, but I felt really good and people would tell me that I had a "glow" ! :) I was eating really good....until about the fourth day in to our family New York City trip. I caved in when we went to "the best pizza in NYC" and the "best ice cream"!! How could I pass that up? And ofcourse we happen to go to the best place for donuts, gelato, cheesecake, deli sandwhiches, candy, chocolates, and etc! I now feel sick!!!

  4. @Serena - OTFLOL! I hear you! I am a foodie. I love the experience of eating food, of seeing others enjoy food I enjoy or have made, etc.

    Good luck! Enjoy NY!