Monday, July 16, 2012

DAY 10 - Naked on a plane

Today marks a new chapter in JuiceIRL - My Juice Journey.  It's Monday and I am traveling again.  Thanks to Wi-Fi enabled planes, I'm typing this somewhere between Las Vegas and New Mexico.  Last night (at the end of my worst juicing day every thank you very much), I was wrestling with a decision - to juice or not to juice?  (That is the question)  You see when I travel; I am on a per-diem.  For those unfamiliar, a per-diem is a wonderful, horrible system in which business travelers are paid to eat.  Well, not exactly.  They are given an allowance from which they can only eat.  No movies.  No baseball games.  Just food.  (Oh, and adult beverages for some reason.  Me - "So I can't see a movie but you can have a beer.  I get it.  Sounds fair.")

Anyway, the per-diem has opened my culinary horizon quite a bit.  I have found some wonderful places to eat.  On the road food becomes a means to escape your hotel room at night, to connect with an employee, or get away from the office.  It has also expanded my waist line to its current, bulging status.  At the peak of porkification, even my size-38 Sansabelts were starting to complain.  (Hey man!  We're sansabelts.  Not the Hoover Dam!  We can't hold EVERYTHING back!)

So the dilemma:  On the eve of my worst juice day every, facing the per-diem, knowing that I would have to transport Centerfugious Maximus (C-Max for short - Yes.  I named my juicer.  Didn't you?), and knowing the boredom I would have to endure trapped in my hotel room, I was at a tipping point.  (Not because of the gut. *thanks though*) In a fit of productivity and closing the door on indecision, I made a batch of OJ for the morning, washed and dried C-Max and contemplated packaging.  (My juicer came to me dirty, alone and missing any boxes - for free - from my boat paddling sis-in-law.  *Thanks.  I guess.  Kind of a white elephant.* JK.)

So here we go.  JuiceIRL is on the road.  I will miss the green chili (Oh how I will miss thee.  I am actually a Norm-from-Cheers-like regular at one Little Anitas in New Mexico.  I wonder if they will miss me.)  Oh, and by the way, I took the per-diem as a positive.  Someone else will be picking up the cost of my supplies.  No more same-ol-same-ol for C-Max and me.  We're hitting the web. finding the best recipes and going Mr. Wizard meets Alton Brown on this thing.  Buckle up.  This could be a wild ride. 


Remember that OJ I made last night?  I didn't.  I was 20 minutes down the road when I realized I'd left my juice in the fridge (Sure kids.  You can have daddy's juice.  Just make sure to share.)  I am a bit panicked.  Unlike when I am driving my kids around or hanging out on the beach, I can't be woozy.  (Joking.  No woozy driving.)  I can't be grumpy.  And the TSA will not approve of me wandering around the airport with a C-Max on my back. (Luckily for me C-Max only has spinning cheese grater blades or he wouldn't have made it through security this morning.  He was stopped and given an enhanced pat down.)

I ran through the airport looking for something to drink and I found it.  I can say (for the first and probably the only time), I got Naked on the plane this morning.  I got Naked again in the Las Vegas airport.  (You might think it was too soon but I wasn't sure if/when I'd be able to juice after all.)  I discovered that the only thing more expensive than juicing was not juicing and getting naked all over airports.  


I finished off the Las Vegas Naked, a Coconut Water (with Pineapple - it was almost $5 in the Las Vegas airport but I will be looking for it again.  It was goo-hoood!), and planned my menu for the next four days.


21 different fruits and veggies from 2 different stores.  Wal-Mart for the regular supplies and (a place I really don't belong) Whole Foods for the odds and ends.  $50 in and I think I have enough supplies to cover me for rest of the week.

After yesterday, I decided to turn to the WWW to insure that I didn't make a "milk weed" mistake again.  The first attempt was Apple Cabbage Greens juice:

2 Apples
1 1/4 Red Cabbage
2 Carrots
6 Swiss chard leaves
1 1/4 Lemon

This psychedelic juice turned brown when I stirred it.  On first sip, it tasted like when you chop cabbage and eat it on your tacos.  I added in the lemon juice and then it tasted like nothing.  I would NOT recommend this juice though.  Let's put it this way.  You won't be able to tell if it's you or your kitchen that stinks.  WWW 0 Me 0.  This one tasted OK but the stench alone makes it a lose/lose.


Because I hadn't "eaten" very much today and because the first one didn't make very much liquid, I looked for another recipe I had seen before shopping.  I don't know what happened but I can't find it anywhere.  I think I remembered so I gave it a shot:

1 Apple
2 Cups of cherries
2 Carrots
2 Cups of spinach

The last - the spinach - was an add in because otherwise it was too fruity to be dinner.  It was thick and brownish/blackish and was a 6 out of 10.  Day 10 juicing - Day 1 on the road.  We'll see if I can survive NOT going out for dinner.

I still WILL miss Little Anitas Carne Adovada stuffed Sopapilla with Green Chili.  


  1. Good luck juicing on the road. I posted all my recipes each day while I was juicing on my blog. Just click on either of the two "Juice Fast Days" tags in the sidebar to show those posts. Eventually I'll put them all together in one convenient place...

    I made notes about each recipe: how much it made, whether it was any good, and any changes it needed in the future. Hope that helps!

    1. @Chile - Please reply with a link to your blog. I'd love to read your recipes. jointhereboot is not organized in any usable way IMO.

      Thanks for reading. Don't die.

    2. Hm, I didn't realize my profile wasn't showing up when someone clicks on my name. Damn blogger changes! It should now, but just in case, my blog is Chile's Juice Reboot.

    3. Ya. Tell me about it. I have people asking all the time how to "follow". Used to be easy and pre-set-up. Now you actually have to know what you are doing (which I don't). Had to watch a YouTube on how to let people follow you.

      Thanks for the link and the support. Gives me accountability.

      And as always - Don't die.

  2. I am inspired. Thank you for your posts! Hubby and I have been juicing for 8 days. He's lost 15 lbs, only 4 for me. We do eat one meal of salad with chicken or fish sans dressing.

    The juice tastes bad. Even the good ones taste bad. I sure hope I can learn to love them. Keep up the good work!

    1. @TBH_1 - I may have to go to that plan. Although I feel good, I miss chewing, hot food, saltiness, etc. Are you following a specific plan - say jointhereboot - or just making it up?

    2. We are just kind of making it up as we go. I just feel more "normal by eating a meal. Hubby has a fruit smoothie with milk for breakfast, juice and salad w/tuna for lunch and juice for dinner. I have juice for breakfast, salad for lunch (I ate a piece of bread with it today) and juice for dinner.

      I'm sure it's not the right way to do it but it's manageable for us. Maybe we will try a fast at some point though.

      ps.....It took me forever to figure out how to follow you too. My name is Tracie Hunt on your followers but showed up here as tdh_1. I don't know how to fix it. Odd!

    3. @Tracie - Thank you for your explanation of what you are doing. I am doing less food than your husband but have not lost as much.

      Please post your favorite recipe if you can. Thanks for reading.

  3. Have you ever had Odwalla? It's another "naked" juice, different brand. I've heard good things about them. Maybe you should try and recreate that one Naked coconut juice that you liked. Good luck on the road!