Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DAY 11: Vase full of yucky

The craziest part of this journey is that I roll out of bed with more energy.  No.  Not run a marathon in the morning and mow the lawn at noon energy, but where I am now is a big step up from where I was.  It is pretty cool.  More energy.  Less weight.  Not a bad deal.  Now if I just didn't have to drink these darn veggies.

On another front, I have gotten a lot of comments about yesterday's post.  So, some housekeeping.

@Mark - No.   It is not appropriate to get Naked all the time.  If the choice is Naked or a soda, I always choose Naked.  As for when you're in public or around others, it's best to invite them to get Naked with you so you don't feel weird by yourself.  Oh, and my favorite is "Green Machine".  It's full of superfoods and others look at you funny because you are drinking something that looks like it's off the set of "You Can't do that on Television."  Hope that helps.


Rolled out of bed and hit snooze.  Not because I needed to but because I thought, "Why is my alarm set for so early?"  Then I realized that it takes me at least 20 minutes to juice, clean up and start drinking.  (That's why I set my alarm so early.  Duh.)  What I've learned is that juicing recipes are hard to find for what you have on hand and it's hard to buy the supplies for a juice you haven't had yet because it could be HORRIBLE!  (Hey jointhereboot.com, it would be cool if your recipes were organized somehow instead of 180 recipes one after the other with no rhyme or reason or way to search, sort or select ingredients.)

So I am back to winging it.  I try to make it more veg than fruit.  Here's breakfast.

1 Apple
1 Pear
1 Carrot
1 1/2 Lemon
1 Cucumber

I mixed these two containers together and was left with something slightly orange and mostly "blah".  Swigged it down with the Chill Pipe and got ready to rock and roll.  Not much funny going on.  All just work.


I did discover ONE thing about being on the road and juicing that is really cool.  (I capitalized one because there is only one and here it is)  You get the dishwasher all to yourself.  That's it.  Silver lining found.  I decided this morning that I need a mason jar.  This juicing into small stuff and trying to add ice is 1) a real pain, 2) making it so I drink less, 3) very annoying.  (Issue 2 being the most important here.  Let's face it everything about juicing is a pain and annoying.)  I also realized this morning that today is the first time since I started juicing that I have taken my allergy meds.  (Warning!  These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and JuicerDan is not a doctor)  I have not taken an allergy pill in 11 days.  I took one today just to be sure I was on my game.  I have heard so much about how pineapple can cover the taste of anything so I said to myself, "Self.  We can't just enjoy pineapple juice.  We have to suffer."  This is what I came up with:

1 Peach
3 Kale leaves
1 Cucumber
1 Celery
1 1/3 Pineapple

Pineapple lived up to it's reputation.  It covered the taste of the kale, the cucumber, and the celery.  It did have something odd though.  It tasted buttery.  Not real butter buttery.  More like fake butter at a bad movie theater on your popcorn buttery.  Weird.

My juice vase

I went to a thrift store and although I didn't find a mason jar, I did buy a $.99 vase.  I've heard about how watermelon will go a long way to disguise other stuff.  Here is what I decided to subject myself to:

1 1/3 Watermelon
1 Cucumber
6 Swiss Chard
1 Celery
1 1/8 Pineapple

It was pretty good.  It was easy to drink and it didn't make me want to die.  I don't have very much else to say.  I am bored.  I miss using my per-diem.  I want to eat.  I broke down about 8pm and almost went to dinner.  I even got dressed and planned where I would eat and what I would have.  Big green salad, Sunflower Seeds, Crumbled white cheese, onion, carrots, and a little blue-cheese dressing and green chili.  Oh baby.  I'd cut off my right pinky toe (the broken one) to have one right now.  Instead I went to Wal-mart and bought a bag of smoked almonds.  Each one I ate I would chew until it disappeared.  I probably ate 30 in all.  I miss salty, crunchy stuff.  I even microwaved some so I could have something hot.  Lame I know.  That was my binge.


  1. My breakfast today: I used 3 carrots and one mango. The mango kind of got caught in the juicer so I pulled all the stuff out of the auger and put it in a blender with some ice. IT WAS DIVINE!!!

    1. @Tracie - Sounds messy but good. I too attempted to juice a mango with similar results. My juicer was so full though I had to persuade the mango out the little juice port before I could disassemble.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Sorry you're hatin' your juicing journey right now, Dan. It may get easier. It may not. Good on you for not going to dinner.

    I wish there was an easy way to make something like a searchable database on the blogs for the recipes. The only thing I've figured out is that you can type a particular ingredient (say, pineapple) in the Search box in the upper left corner of my blog and it will pull up all posts that mention pineapple. I want to collect all my recipes in one place and make them searchable but, again, I don't think Blogger (or Worpress) offer a Search function restricted to one page.

    Pondering here. Maybe I'll organize it the way the Tucson CSA organized their recipe page. Take a look at this - scroll down the page - and see if you think that would be helpful. Mine would provide links to the blog post with the recipe.

    1. @Chile - Not bad. Not bad at all. Have you seen "Reboot's" page? A mismash of recipes that don't even layout like recipes until you click one page further in. Sad.

  3. The vase made me laugh. I was planning on suggesting a thrift store, but you beat me to it :) I'm glad the pineapple is working out for you. Still a reader.